Grip The Moment

One knows life when the urge comes to grip tight to the moments we feel the love.
Hold the heart dear, be truly exasperate to those we care about to make sure all know,
How much it means to be in times of joyful appreciation of the loved smile’s bounty,
Being with those we love, are the moments for which we strive,
Giving us the reason & the will to fight to better all,
Oh hold dear the love in the eye, for it is the power behind every hour’s toil.

Sophia Alexandra Juliet Mitchell Roe Mulcahy, Designer. (previously called ‘Caroline Gemma Mulcahy’ until she was given a new, lovely name by someone dear to her, which honours her Ancestry & Spiritual lineage.)

Welcome to get in touch, for all your design solutions, all be it visible or theosophical craft. *New Contact Form: just found the old contact form stopped working, so have just updated it, so please try again, if you’ve tried to contact us in the past day or so! 🙂 Big cheers.*

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